Do you want to recharge and enjoy a wonderful pampering session? Look no further, JUSTNJOY has what you are looking for. We would love to tell you more about how we operate.


You can easily make an appointment online. Reservations can be made up to 12 hours before the start of your floating session. You can also reach us by phone to pick an appointment time. You will always receive a confirmation email with all the necessary information. You can either pay in advance online or at the time of your appointment (cash or with the Payconiq app). 


Managers Wim or An will welcome you and show you your personal float tank. We'll answer all your questions and give you tips to enable you to make the most of this unique experience.


You push the start button and blissfully drift away for 60, 75 or 90 minutes. Subtle air bubbles in the water will indicate that the end of the session is approaching. We give you ample time and space to slowly come out of your dreamlike state. Make sure you allow about half an hour extra to take a shower before and after the session without having to hurry. 


We will come by for a chat if you wish to tell us about your experience, because honest feedback is more than welcome. Would you rather go home in silence? No problem! 


We immediately set to work to scrub the space clean. The chlorine-free water is continuously monitored and will be cleaned after each float session. Once a month, an accredited laboratory checks the quality of the water.

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